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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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then we'll go fix the pipes. >> reporter: ocean air spokesperson says if crews can beat the next round of rain, he expects the repairs to be finished in about a week. >> very expensive. but you've got to do what you've got to do. >> reporter: while contractors focus on the sinkhole -- >> we're here just to see what threats there may. >> reporter: a coast guard unit looking for any potential issues before this week's storm. >> so we know what's there so if there is a bigger event and something goes in the water we know how much might be there so we know how to respond to it. >> the coast guard spokesperson went on to say, they didn't see any potential chemical threats in the area. again, crews here are hoping that if all goes well, the beach access will be up and open next week. reporting live in pacifica, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, michelle. let's take a live look around the bay on your left, san francisco. san jose on your right. the skies clear right now, but not for long. a new storm is rolling in from pacifica, and is bringing with
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it a lot of rain. our stormranger is actually tracking it. here's a look at the stormranger on san bruno. jeff ranieri is tracking the data it's collecting. jeff. >> isn't that so cool to see stormranger out there again? for all of you that haven't heard, it's our mobile doppler radar. you see in the back the doppler radar hoisted up and it's able to give us a closer scan here near earth instead of up in the middle of the storm. as we get a look right now, there is nothing happening here across the bay area. no rainfall just yet. but what i do want to show you is when things will pick up. we think by tomorrow night some scattered showers in the north bay. still likely a chance here of scattered rain in the north bay throughout wednesday's forecast. but check this out. by thursday morning, heavy rainfall developing in marin, napa and sonoma county. and that will start to push towards the south. so what i want to do real fast is show you some of the things we're tracking with the storm system ahead so you can be ahead of the game here. next 72 hours, very high tides
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with king tides in place. if you live near the coast, may have some erosion, also isolated the flooding. the river levels are rising. we are watching that. we may get isolated street flooding on thursday, as well, which could cause trees to come down and also some power issues. i'm back at 5:19 with a the storm time line event. >> thank you, jeff. a dozen people waiting to go home after a huge rock slide traps them at a buddhist retreat at the santa cruz mountains. this weekend's storm being blamed for the rock slide in boulder creek. the rocks are so big, the county needs to bring in a contractor could clear them. >> this is huge. it's really going to be something to chip it apart and move it. >> now for now, the only way in and out of the nearby buddhist retreat is by food. the staff says they have enough food, the issue is getting people who have to go back home out. breaking news to share with you out of san francisco.
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tonight police say a man has died of stab wounds in the castro district. here is what we know. officers were called out to 18th and diamond just before 3:00 where they found the man on the sidewalk with a knife literally sticking out of his chest. he was pronounced dead. right now no word on what led to the stabbing. police are looking. they do not know an identity for the suspect as of right now. new at 5:00, a somber moment at the scene of oakland's deadly warehouse fire. first responders of the december 2nd tragedy have returned to the site. they are marching together and will will hold a moment of silence to remember and honor the 36 people killed. the live look at the scene right now. this is just around the street from the warehouse where they're gathering and then they will march together to the warehouse where they will hold that moment of silence. the family of at least one victim also returned to the scene today. the make shift memorial there next to that gutted building continues to grow each hour.
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nbc bay area is there with the latest on the investigation. sharon. >> reporter: janelle, i just spoke with the fire chaplain and he tells me that they will make their way over here and end up in front of the makeshift memorial you see behind me. you can see the people still gathered here, candles still lit, flowers right outside of this building. they are going to ring a bell for each victim, and i'm hearing there will also be bagpipes playing. it's clear this community is grieving together. the family of victim sara hoda, brought flesh flowers to the memorial. they asked for privacy and we expected the request. people who never met sara or the family did walk up to share hugs and tears. >> we love them too. >> reporter: candles and artwork hang on this tree, remembering sara hoda and 35 others who died in the fire.
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atf investigators say they are done sifting through the rubble, now private security guards are keeping the public out, and private fire investigators are surveying the damage done to nearby businesses. signs posted at the memorial express love and a call for more affordable housing. investigators continue to focus on a possible electrical source as the cause of the fire. and, again, this moment of silence will begin here in about 15 minutes at the memorial. and at 6:00, we will talk more about this need for affordable housing. the incredible need that we have been hearing about throughout the bay area, and tomorrow the atf is planning on holding another news conference on what possibly caused this fire. reporting live in oakland, i'm sharon can i cat sueda. >> another live look of oakland right now, just around the corner where you can see first responders, including police and firefighters gathering right now.
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they will be marching together to the warehouse for a moment of silence. it's expected to happen in the next 15 minutes. they are going to ring a bell for each of the 36 victims. when it happens, we will bring it to you if it happens during this newscast, you can also watch it on our website. we will be streaming that march and moment of silence live at six years in prison. that is the sentence for a man whose drunk driving spree killed a man a year ago. he pled guilty. the 20-year-old jailed since december a year ago when he drove his suv 50 miles per hour and hit six cars and trucks. the seventh collision killed a driver of a father. he left without speaking to reporters. >> this has been very hard on them. obviously, he has a young daughter, she is only 5 years old. it's been very difficult for her, and very difficult for his widow. >> prosecutors say he could have
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been sentenced to ten years in prison but the court showed leniency because of his age. former hp ceo carly fiorina was in trump tower today for almost two hours. she and the president-elect clashed early in the campaign but today called him a champion and says they discussed intelligence issues. >> and spent a fair amount of time talking about china, as probably our most important adversary and a rising adversary. we talked about hacking, whether it's chinese hacking or purported russian hacking. >> in washington, d.c., lawmakers have launched an investigation into reports of russian hacking during the election, which donald trump has dismissed. he is sending the opposite signal, talking up exxonmobil ceo, rex tillerson for secretary of state who has actually worked out deals with russian president, vladimir putin. senators warn a tillerson confirmation could be tough. on the subject of the
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russian hack investigation, it does have washington worried but silicon valley companies ready to mobilize. our business and tech reporter, scott budman talked to security executives who say this area will also be investigating. scott. >> reporter: yeah, they plan to, jessica. because this political problem brings with it a lot of technical questions, as well. questions silicon valley companies tell us they're willing to work on. >> i'm reaching out to you for your guidance and your help. >> reporter: it's being compared to watergate. could the russians have actually affected our presidential election? >> is it possible, yes. it's definitely possible. >> reporter: but michael, chief technology officer of tinfoil security, says the way we find out what really happened will be different than watergate. this will take silicon valley know-how. >> it's going to be either silicon valley types or, you know, computer engineers at the end of the day. it's going to be security experts that are well-versed in forensics, tracking down what
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happened, how it happened, and who did it. >> reporter: inside palo alto's vera security, they're already working to separate rumor from fact, where politics meet cyber security and on. >> not just hitting in d.c. or in some agency overseas, they are -- they have -- this is all based on technology, crip to go rave and things like that, things invented in places like silicon valley. >> reporter: a local and international investigation, both political and technical. >> coming up tonight at 6:00, why some silicon valley techies think history, recent history, points to the russians as being involved in all of this. jessica and janelle, we expect this story to be fornd around for quite some time. in washington, d.c., crews are working on the platform where donald trump will take the oath of office next month. the inauguration, the parties and a parade through the nation's capital. protesters are also descending on the capital in record
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numbers. so are trump supporters. the national park service says it typically gets about five requests for demonstration permits. this year, there are 20. the largest event is the women's march on washington, which expects 200,000 participants. on january 20th, our own raj mathai will head to washington to anchor or inauguration coverage. a violent armed robbery of a disabled man in san jose caught on tape. how the victim fought back and why police are asking for the public's help. it's the hottest ticket in town, and today the line to get it stretched more than a city block. i'm mark matthews in san francisco. why for one man it was more about investment than interest today for those "hamilton" tickets. we're talking scalping. and i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. clouds increasing across the south bay right now. we're tracking a storm system this week. i'll have the totals coming up
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at 5:19. before we leave you, check this out. another foot of snow expected for the sierra, as well, over the next five days. again, my forecast in a few minutes. richmond musician.
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cg a second arrest finally made in the shooting death of a
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richmond museum. this man, ray simmons. investigators say he along with two other suspects, beat, robbed and shot a man last month. they do believe that simon was the gunman. investigators also believe the murder was inspired by hate. the suspect is white and the victim is african-american. another suspect arrested back in november. a disabled man attacked and robbed in the middle of the day, and san jose police hope you can help identify the suspect. the crime was caught on home surveillance video. it actually happened in september, and police thought they were close to catching someone, but they have hit a dead end. so they decided to release the video today. nbc bay area's robert handa joins us from san jose police headquarters where police are taking this ruthless assault very personally, robert. >> reporter: well, that's right. many veteran cops have seen a lot of crimes where especially offended by what they saw. as you heard, the crime took place several months ago, september 5th, and could easily have become a cold case, but
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you'll see by this video, why investigators aren't about to let it go. police say this crime caught on tape shows a predator on a mountain bike setting up his victim, a man with a cane by pretending to accidentally run into him and then rushing to help. >> there's a lot of people that commit crimes. but they know where to draw the line. >> reporter: yes. >> they know typically -- they don't target innocent, physically handicapped people. >> reporter: police say the suspect quickly realized the victim could not talk, in fact, when he pulled out a cell phone to tap out a thank you message, the suspect took the phone at gunpoint, then kicked the man as he tried to get his phone back. >> i don't think that the suspect was expecting the victim to resist the way he did. which is when -- you could see he dropped the gun, points the gun at the victim, and then kicks the victim again. >> reporter: the victim was able to provide a description of the suspect. some people who live near the crime scene who asked not to be named say they're stunned and
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upset. >> it really makes me feel sad for people to have dropped to that level of society. >> reporter: investigators say they exhausted their leads, but consider themselves lucky to have the home security video. >> i'm sure the suspect wasn't banking on us having this footage. and hopefully someone out there will be able to provide us with a lead as to help us take this guy up the streets. >> reporter: investigators also say they hope to make an arrest, because they believe there are still victims out there who are afraid to come forward. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. the line stretched down the block as tickets finally went on sale for the hottest show on the planet right now. "hamilton" is coming to san francisco for a five-month run. nbc bay area's mark matthews is live at the orpheum theatre with more. mark, some want to see the hottest musical on broadway and others want to make money and lots of it. >> reporter: yeah, one man is going to make a lot of money on
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it. as you'll see in our story. first, let me just show you, that's the tale tail end of the line for "hamilton" tickets. it has been a big line all day long. here's what it looked like at 10:00 this morning. it stretched down market street one very long city block. thousands of people, many here all night. >> cold. very cold. >> reporter: few came further than mary, a nurse who lives in charlotte, north carolina, but works once a month at kaiser in the bay area. she wanted tickets for her son and daughter. so you not only have to get tickets to the play, you have to get tickets on a plane. >> yeah. it's going to be presents for the next five years. >> reporter: carl wright drove up from monterey peninsula, waited overnight to pay between $100 and $524 for her tickets. >> it's "hamilton," it's a once in a lifetime story. great history and as a retired school teacher, this is the place to be. >> reporter: and with that, she walked in to claim her prize and
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limit six tickets per customer. >> reporter: we saw matt, organizing a small squat of people in line to buy. we watched the money change hands and then collecting ticket receipts around the corner from the box office. >> i'm just thankful i had a bunch of people out here today that didn't have money for food that were very thankful to me i was able to provide them with a few hundred each. >> reporter: he told me he flew in last night to take advantage of the ticket sale. we can't confirm how much he was paying people to stand in line, but he did say he would be happy if they could get 60 or more tickets. >> america is built on freedom, it's built on making money, it's built on opportunities. i look at this as no different than anything else, an opportunity. >> reporter: if rosen blat is able to get 60 tickets, we figure he could clear, maybe $40,000 for one day's work. coming up at 6:00, what people standing in line thought about mr. rosenblat's business, and
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what congress did just last week to try and cut down on ticket scalping. mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> okay, wow. "hamilton" is going to be huge when it finally opens. >> our producer was on the phone and kept dialing and dialing and dialing and after an hour was successful. >> i know the entire lyrics of the show already. >> we've got to sit next to you. >> i have to do a rap with you guys. >> give us a rundown. i don't know much about it, but i know it's a hot ticket. >> rainfall -- >> i know, coming in waves this week. >> it is definitely, mainly for the north bay the next couple days and eventually by thursday we are setting up for heavy rainfall across the bay area. this is right after that recent rain this past weekend. i do want to start off with the big headline and that is our new storm system from tuesday through friday. one system, but it's going to meet up with this southerly surge of sub tropical moisture as the storm always out to bring us possibly some of the heavier rainfall again on thursday's forecast.
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as we get a look right now into tomorrow morning, you're going to be able to see clouds here to start with, 49 expected in the south bay, 51 for the peninsula and 47 for the tri valley. we'll also begin with overcast skies in the east bay, san francisco and the north bay. let's take you right into the microclimate forecast on tuesday. and the biggest thing here will be no breaks of sunshine. we really think we'll have an overcast sky in the south bay, winds relatively light, temperatures near average. 63 in san jose. 61 expected in cupertino. for the east bay, no huge changes. so many recent storms moving across that is helping to really level out all areas with no microclimate in effect. for the peninsula, 58 in san mateo. 61 in palo alto. from the embarcadero over to the sunset, temperatures expected in the 50s. and in the north bay, this is the one spot tomorrow where we will have the chance here of some scattered rain, 59 in napa and 55 in novato. i do want to spend some time on
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the incoming wet weather. once again, tomorrow, the chance here in marin, napa, sonoma counties, scattered, wet weather. as we head throughout wednesday, still primarily the chance here throughout the north bay. but check this out. as we push ahead towards thursday, the storm system will begin to drop down, provide heavy rainfall for the thursday morning commute in the north bay, then push to the east bay, san francisco peninsula. by the afternoon on thursday. and then eventually down to the south bay by thursday evening. you can see a lot of colors on this, yellow, orange and red very heavy pockets of wet weather expected again on thursday. as we head into friday, we'll begin to see things clear out. so what about rainfall totals from this? north bay, anywhere from 1 to 3 inches. and it looks pretty good here. locked in for most of the bay area to see at least 1 inch out of this storm system. the north bay would have the best and highest possibility of the wet weather. we are watching river levels. monitor stage here, the russian
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river, 18.5 feet by friday's forecast. we'll be following that possibility of maybe isolated flooding as we head throughout thursday's forecast. in the extended we dry out, saturday, sunday and next monday. and then as we get a look at the interior valley forecast, once again, heavy rain on thursday and then we dry out this upcoming weekend. >> thank you, jeff. we're going to take you back to oakland right now where first responders are gathering and holding a moment of silence at the ghost ship warehouse fire. we want to take a look. you can also watch us online at nbcbayarea.c ♪ (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. treehouse foods is recalling its "mac and cheese" snacks nationwide happening now in our website, tree house foods is recalling its mac & cheese snacks online due to salmonella. and keeping transgender inmates safe. we're back in two minutes with more news. a somber momentth
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welcome back. we want to take you back out to oakland right now. you're looking at this live picture right now of first responders outside of the tragic scene of the deadly warehouse fire. first responders have gathered there right now to toll a bell for each victim lost and to have a moment of silence for that tragic fire. i'm going to let you listen in. >> he makes me lie down in green pastures. he leads me beside waters, he refreshes my soul. he leads me for his name sake. >> even though i walk through the dark valley, i will fear no evil, for you are at my side. your rod and your staff to comfort me. >> you prepare a table before
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me, in the sight of my foes. you anoint my head with oil. >> you're listening right now to some of the chaplains from the fire department and also some ministers doing a prayer right now before they hold this moment of silence. again, this is at the ghost ship warehouse, where 36 people died. and as you will remember, it was the first responders who were there trying to bring the recovery effort. we can listen in right now. >> international association of firefighters. >> we'll be back in a moment as they toll the bell.
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♪ we are back with a live picture of oakland, the site of the ghost ship warehouse fire, where first responders just rang a bell for each of the 36 people killed in that deadly warehouse fire on december 2nd. a lot of first responders, including firefighters, police, the atf also present at the site as they remember and honored those who lost their lives.
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we'll have more tonight at 6:00. ♪ tonight, trump versus the cia, an unprecedented attack by the president-elect against u.s. intelligence, trump refusing to accept russia was behind election-related hacks. tonight what we learned about the evidence as leaders from both parties back calls for an investigation. winter's wrath, mother nature roars dangerous mix triggers highway crashes and flight delay, another knockout blow on the a. aleppo's last stand, the war-torn syrian city on at brink of falling. families trapped trying to escape before it's too late. fake sales? big named stores accused of making you think you're getting a deal when you're not. photos with santa, our monday inspiring am


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